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K-2 base Camp Baltoro Glacier               Days: 21

This most famous and well known trek leads to the hub of sky-kissing mountains like K-2, Broad peak, hidden peak and number of other famous Mashaburum Peak mountains  More

Gondogoro La and K-2 base Camp       Days:21

In 1986, established a trekking route that connects the Baltoro Glacier to the Hushe Valley by crossing a pass called Gondogoro La 5650 m. More

Fairy Meadows-Hushe Valley               Days:22

There are two options-either ready to hit the Karakoram Highway by road to Chilas for 9-10 hours or try to catch the one hour morning flight to Gigit with magnificent More

Nanga Parbat Rupal face and Fairy Meadows BC   Days:12

Nanga Parbat, Sanskrit for “Naked Mountain” is so named because some of its slopes are so steep that they are bereft of vegetation and snow.More

Biafo Hisper Snow Lake Days: 25

Biafo Hisper is the Longest glacier(65km) trek outside the polar region.Your real trekking starts from Thongol along Braldo river. More

Rakaposhi Base Camp       Days: 14

Rakaposhi base camp is the ever best short trek in Nagar valley starting from Minapin. It presents a stunning outlook of Rakaposhi and Diran with adjoining glorious glacier from Tagafari. More

Rakaposhi Base Camp via Khunjerab Pass           Days:15

This is a unique trek devised for tourists entering Pakistan from China via the highest metalled border in the world (Khunjarab pass, 4733m) and arrive in Sust for overnight. More

Masherbrum Panorama and Gondogoro Peak  Days: 19

A beautiful trek leading to the base of Gondogoro Peak (5650m) and Gondogoro Passthrough the beautiful villages of Khaplu and scenic views of Hushey.             More

Batura Glacier  Days: 16

A pleasurable trek with a four-day walk and excellent views of Ultar (7388m), Passu Peak (7284m), Karun Peak (7350m), Lupgar, Batura Peak, and other mountains in the Shimshal range. More

Hunza Patundas               Days:15

This wonderful multi short trekking programme is devised for those who cannot afford to go on high elevations and can just see the beautiful places from the bases of mountains.More

Chitral to Hunza           Days:20

This mighty trip takes you from wide wildernesses of Himalayan range to the sky-kissing Karakorams. Enjoy an easy trip in this broad valley streached out with smooth pastures abound with herds of horses, yaks and sheep. More

Naltar Pakora                     Days:20

Naltar pasture is located about an hour and half or maximum two hours drive from Gilgit city. It is mostly dwelled by a special tribe of nomades (Gujars).  More

Naltar Daitar Pass               Days: 15

It takes about two hours to get Naltar, a beautiful alpine pasture about 35 km, and then another half an hour to Naltar lake by jeep. From here on you will have to start trekking up to Lower Shani for about four hours and to Upper Shani for one hour.. More

Nanga Parbat Rupal Base Camp          Days: 13

The most beautiful route in Himalayan Range takes you to Nanga Parbat. Furthermore, the trip ahead to Hunza is way charming with snow-capped mountains and lush green fields on either side of the Karakoram highway. More