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7000+ Peaks

 Spantik (7027m)              Days: 35

 Spantik or Golden peak is a mountain in Spantik-Sosbun Mountains subrange of Karakoram. More

Ultar Peak          Days:45

Ultar Peak is the southeasternmost major peak of the Batura Muztagh, More

Rakaposhi             Days:40

Rakaposhi, is a mountain in the Karakoram mountain range in Pakistan. More

Diran Peak                          Days:35

Diran Peak situated in Minapin Nagar valley, in Rakaposhi and Harmosh mountain regions.More

Latok I & II                          Days:49

The Latok group is a small cluster of dramatic rock peaks in the Panmah Muztagh. More

Laila Peak               Days:28

Laila Peak in Hushe Valley near Gondogoro glacier is in Karakoram range and is 6,096 metres (20,000 ft) high. It has a distinctive spear-like shape. More

Lady Finger             Days:23

Ladyfinger Peak, is a distinctive rock spire in the Batura Muztagh the westernmost subrange of the Karakorum range in Pakistan More

Trango Tower       Days:40

The Trango Towers are a group of dramatic granite spires located on the north side of the Baltoro Glacier, in Baltistan, More